Collection: Fairtex Coach Sparring Gloves BGV13

Fairtex Coach Sparring Gloves BGV13 

At Muay Thai Outlet, we understand the crucial role coaches play in shaping Muay Thai champions. 

A Legacy Rooted in Muay Thai Excellence: The Fairtex Story

Fairtex isn't just a brand; it's a cornerstone of Muay Thai heritage. Founded in 1958 by Muay Thai legend Bunjong Busarakamwongse (Mr. Philip Wong) in Bangkok, Thailand, Fairtex has grown into a globally recognized force. Their unwavering dedication to innovation has garnered them prestigious awards like the 2008 Best MMA Gloves Award. Since 2010, Fairtex has been the official gloves partner of ONE Championship, a testament to their commitment to the sport. Today, under the leadership of Mr. Philip Wong's son, Prem Busarabavonwongs, Fairtex continues to push boundaries from its headquarters in Pattaya, Thailand, where the renowned Fairtex Training Center breeds champions.

The Fairtex BGV13: Where Pad Work and Sparring Collide

The Fairtex Coach Sparring Gloves BGV13 aren't your average mitts. They're a meticulously crafted training tool designed to bridge the gap between pad work and sparring sessions. With the BGV13, you can seamlessly transition between drills, techniques, and light sparring, maximizing the learning experience for your students while fostering unwavering confidence.

Unleash a New Era of Muay Thai Training:

  • Effortless Versatility: The BGV13's innovative open palm design allows for a natural fist formation, perfect for intricate pad work drills. Strike with confidence, knowing your students can develop their technique without bulky mitts hindering their movement. When it's time for light sparring, the BGV13 offers the right amount of padding for a safe and controlled experience.
  • Enhanced Safety and Control: The gloves' strategic padding placement prioritizes the safety of both you and your students. The extra padding on the palm area safeguards your hands while absorbing strikes, allowing you to guide your students in proper technique and power management during light sparring sessions.
  • Durable Construction Built to Last: Crafted with Fairtex's renowned "Micro Fibre" outer shell, the same high-quality, odorless material used in their world-famous MADDOX grappling dummies, the BGV13 can withstand the most demanding training sessions. Invest in a coaching tool that will endure for years to come.

Empower Your Muay Thai Students:

The Fairtex Coach Sparring Gloves BGV13 provide a multitude of benefits for Muay Thai coaches and trainers, ultimately empowering their students:

  • Streamlined Training Sessions: Move seamlessly between pad work and light sparring, maximizing training time and efficiency.
  • Accelerated Student Development: The BGV13 facilitates the development of proper technique, power control, and realistic striking scenarios for your students.
  • Safer Learning Environment: The padding ensures a safe environment for students to hone their skills and build confidence.
  • Reduced Gear Investment: The BGV13's versatility eliminates the need for separate pad work and sparring mitts, minimizing your coaching equipment needs.

Universal Size for Optimal Comfort:

The Fairtex Coach Sparring Gloves BGV13 come in a single size, approximately 14oz. This size caters to most coaches and trainers, offering a comfortable and secure fit for extended training sessions.

Muay Thai Outlet: Your Partner in Building Muay Thai Champions

Muay Thai Outlet is your dedicated partner in equipping you and your students for Muay Thai mastery. In addition to the Fairtex Coach Sparring Gloves BGV13, we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality Muay Thai gear to elevate your training regimen, including:

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  • Fairtex Kick Pads: Equip yourself with Fairtex kick pads, designed to withstand the power of your students' kicks and knees, allowing them to practice striking techniques with confidence.
  • Fairtex Muay Thai Bags: Heavy bags and banana bags from Fairtex provide a durable striking surface for your students to hone their punching, kicking, kneeing, and elbowing techniques.
  • Fairtex Training Gear: Discover a range of Fairtex training apparel and equipment designed for comfort and performance, ensuring your students can train with maximum focus and mobility.