Gear Guide: Must-Have Equipment for Muay Thai/MMA/Boxing.

Gear Guide: Must-Have Equipment for Muay Thai/MMA/Boxing.

Starting Muay Thai, MMA, or boxing journey requires the right gear to ensure both safety and optimal performance.

At Muay Thai Outlet, we understand the importance of quality equipment, and we've curated a guide to help you select the must-have items for your training sessions.

1. Boxing Gloves
When it comes to high-quality boxing gloves, our top picks include renowned brands such as BLEGEND, BOOSTER FIGHT GEAR, King Pro Boxing, and Buakaw Boxing Gloves. Opting for leather or microfiber models ensures durability and comfort during intense training.

- Fairtex Boxing Gloves - from $62:
For years, professional and amateur boxers have trusted Fairtex Boxing Gloves for their training, victories, and title defenses. Featuring a multi-panel design that provides excellent protection for hands and wrists, these gloves are ideal for both punching bags and sparring. Handcrafted and made from multi-layered leather, Fairtex gloves come in various weights and sizes, offering a unique and durable option for every boxer.

- BLEGEND Boxing Gloves - from $50:
Designed and engineered in Thailand by Mr. Sasan Ghosairi, BLEGEND gear meets the demands of professional and combat sport athletes. Crafted from high-quality materials, including synthetic microfiber leather, these gloves offer superior durability and performance. BLEGEND Boxing Gloves are a top choice for those seeking optimum performance in the ring.

- Booster Boxing Gloves - from $31:
Founded in Belgium in 1994, Booster Fight Gear has become a top brand in the kickboxing world. Loved by athletes worldwide, Booster Boxing Gloves feature quality construction and distribution. With options starting from $31, they offer affordability without compromising on performance.

- Buakaw Boxing Gloves - from $75:
Inspired and endorsed by the legendary Muay Thai champion Buakaw Banchamek, these gloves offer a perfect blend of style and functionality. Constructed with precision and using high-quality materials, Buakaw Boxing Gloves provide excellent hand protection and comfort. Priced from $75, they are an investment in both performance and style.

2. Shinguards
Protecting your shins is crucial in combat sports. Look no further than brands like BLEGEND, BOOSTER FIGHT GEAR, King Pro Boxing, and Buakaw Shinguards for your protection. Leather or microfiber models are recommended for their durability and performance.

- BLEGEND Shinguards - from $20:
Engineered for optimal protection, BLEGEND Shinguards combine durability with comfort. Crafted from high-quality materials, these shinguards provide reliable protection during intense training sessions. You can choose standard and sock-type shinguards on our website. With prices starting at $20, they are an affordable and effective choice for any fighter.

- Booster Shinguards - from $24:
Booster Fight Gear's Shinguards offer a perfect balance of protection and flexibility. With options starting at $24, these shinguards provide reliable coverage for your shins, ensuring a safe and comfortable training experience.

3. Mouthguard
Never underestimate the importance of safeguarding your teeth during training or sparring. Invest in a high-quality mouthguard to protect your oral health and focus on your performance without worries.

- Fairtex Mouthguard MG3  $21
Fairtex, a trusted name in combat sports, offers the Challenger Mouthguard with superior protection and comfort. Priced at $21 it provides excellent value for its quality and durability.

4. Handwraps
Choosing the right pair can mean the difference between a pain-free training session and a sidelined injury.

Handwraps are essential for providing additional support to your wrists and hands. Ensure a secure fit and protection against injuries with quality handwraps.

BLEGEND Handwraps $8

Known for their high-quality materials and comfortable fit, BLEGEND wraps offer excellent wrist support and come in a variety of lengths and color combinations. Their signature thumb loop design adds extra security, making them a popular choice for both beginners and pros.

BOOSTER FIGHT GEAR Handwraps $8.99

These wraps stand out for their innovative 3-layer construction, providing exceptional shock absorption and protection. Their stretchy fabric ensures a snug fit without restricting movement, and their anti-bacterial technology keeps odor at bay.

Buakaw Handwraps $8

These wraps, endorsed by Muay Thai legend Buakaw Banchamek, are crafted from high-quality Thai cotton and feature a unique thumb closure for superior wrist stabilization. Their traditional design appeals to fighters who appreciate the authentic Muay Thai experience.

5. Headgear
Protecting your head is crucial, especially during sparring sessions. Our top picks for headgear include options from Fairtex and King Pro Boxing, offering excellent protection without compromising comfort.

- Fairtex Headgear - from $79:
Fairtex Headgear is designed for maximum protection and comfort during sparring. Starting at $79, it is an investment in your safety and performance.

6. Ankleguards

Protecting your ankles is often overlooked but is equally important. Our top picks for Muay Thai Ankleguards include:

- Fairtex Ankleguards - $13.50
Fairtex Ankle Support provides joint protection to prevent sports injuries, including scratches during training with Thai pads. The thick and durable construction offers comfort and support, making them perfect for MMA and Muay Thai sparring and training.

- BLEGEND Ankleguards - $5.14
Moderately elastic and featuring extra-strong stitching, BLEGEND Ankle Supports provide a better fit around the contours of the ankle. With deluxe cotton construction for utmost comfort, these ankle supports are durable enough to withstand the punishment of serious Muay Thai workouts.

- Booster Ankleguards - $10.37
Booster Fight Gear, founded in Belgium, is a top brand known and loved by athletes worldwide. Booster Ankleguards offer remarkable protection, ensuring that once you try them, you won't settle for anything else.

At Muay Thai Outlet, we take pride in offering a wide selection of high-quality gear to enhance your training experience. Explore our collections featuring brands like Fairtex, King Pro Boxing, BLEGEND, Booster Fight Gear, and more to elevate your performance inside and outside the gym. Purchase online for a swift and convenient shopping experience, and gear up for success on your martial arts journey!

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