Why does a fighter need a mongkon?

Why does a fighter need a mongkon?

Mongkon is a traditional headband worn by a fighter to fight.

Traditionally, before the fight, each fighter dances Wai Kru – a greeting to the teacher and the team.

The mongkon itself is a rope twisted from 108 threads. The number of threads 108 is a sacred number for Buddhism.

Mongkon is worn only during the performance of the Wai Kru dance.

Where did Mongkon come from?

The history of this traditional Thai boxing headband is not known for certain. There are several legends, one of which is associated with the name of the monkey king Hanuman. This hero of the ancient Thai epic is a significant figure in the history of Muay Thai traditions.

Hanuman is considered the patron saint of martial arts, including Thai boxing.

One of the legends associated with his name and mongkon says that in case of death, Hanuman can be resurrected by the blow of the wind Pai on him. In a Muay Thai fight, you can see how, before the start of the fight, the coach, removing the mongkon from the fighter, lightly blows on his head.

Thais believe in the sacred power of the mongkon and are kind to him, trying never to lose, since the loss, according to beliefs, threatens the owner of the mongkon with great trouble.

If desired, the mongkon can be supplemented with various talismans, for example, small figurines of Hanuman.

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