Collection: Boxing Gloves

Explore the top 5 boxing glove brands loved by both professional and amateur fighters. Check out MUAY THAI OUTLET for a variety of options:

1. BLEGEND Boxing Gloves

- Features: Known for durability and comfort with microfiber construction for moisture control. Special liner allows for a personalized fit during intense training.
- Reviews: Our customers love the Elite Series for its durability and moisture-wicking properties.
- Price: From $80 USD

2. FAIRTEX Boxing Gloves

- Features: Premium gloves made from genuine leather, showcasing high-quality craftsmanship. Includes a hard clasp for hand protection and reliable Velcro for wrist support.
- Reviews: The BGV1 is well-regarded for its craftsmanship and durability, earning positive reviews from professionals and enthusiasts.

- New Arrivals - GLORY serie 
- Price: From $120 USD


- Features: Renowned worldwide for high quality, using the latest technology and innovative materials. Known for comfort, injury protection, and long service life. Unique design allows fighters to express their style.
- Reviews: Our customers choose the Star Series for its advanced technology and unique design.

- New Arrivals - Barong Serie 
- Price: From $100 USD

4. Buakaw Boxing Gloves

- Features: Made from premium materials, these gloves provide a perfect blend of protection, comfort, and flexibility. Whether you're training or competing, Buakaw gloves offer the support and durability you need to unleash your striking skills.
- Reviews: The Supreme Pro Gloves receive positive reviews for their eye-catching design and comfortable fit.
- Price: Approximately $90 USD


- Features:Newer brand using tough natural leather for gloves that withstand high loads. Triple protection with dense padding ensures comfort, and mesh panels offer temperature regulation.
- Reviews: Users praise the BGL V3 for its durability and comfortable design.
- Price: From $70 USD

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