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Donut pads, also known as round shape pads, are a type of training equipment used in the martial arts. They are a curved, padded shield that is held in front of the body and used to absorb the impact of punches and kicks. Donut pads are an essential piece of training equipment for any Muay Thai fighter or a boxer, as they help to develop speed, power, and accuracy. They are especially great for training hooks, liver shots, body shots and uppercuts.

Donut pads help fighters to fine tune their techniques and learn how to better target their opponents. If you really want to improve your striking techniques you should definetely train few rounds a day with donut pads. 


Booster Donut Pads 

Booster Donut Pads from Fitness Collection have more affordable price and more suitable for beginners & kids & women. Made with super light material & soft and flexible even first use.

If you're serious about improving your striking techniques, you should consider training with donut pads every day. Donut pads can be a valuable training tool that can help you take your skills to the next level.

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