Collection: Buakaw Handwraps

Experience the essence of Muay Thai with our Buakaw collection, available exclusively at Super Export Shop. We're passionate about boxing and proud to offer high-quality Muay Thai equipment that embodies the spirit and tradition of this ancient martial art. Crafted with care in Thailand, each product in our Buakaw line is authentic and of exceptional quality.

Authentic Craftsmanship Rooted in Tradition

Authenticity is crucial in Muay Thai. That's why our Buakaw Muay Thai equipment is handcrafted by skilled artisans in Thailand, the birthplace of this martial art. These craftsmen have years of experience and a deep understanding of Muay Thai's rich heritage. With Buakaw gear, you can truly experience the essence of this ancient art form.

Highest Quality for Intense Training

We understand the demands of combat sports, which is why we've designed each Buakaw product to withstand intense training sessions and fights. Our gear is made using top-quality materials for exceptional durability. From premium synthetic leather to reinforced stitching, every aspect of Buakaw equipment is engineered to provide superior performance and optimal protection.

Comfort and Fit that Enhance Performance

Comfort and fit are vital in combat sports, and Buakaw equipment excels in both areas. Buakaw gloves, shin guards, and other products are ergonomically designed for a secure and comfortable fit. The padding is carefully engineered to absorb shock effectively while allowing you to focus on your technique. With Buakaw, you can train confidently and perform at your best.

Make a Statement with Style

Muay Thai is more than just a sport—it's a way of life. Our Buakaw collection embraces the dynamic nature of Muay Thai with sleek and modern designs. From eye-catching colors to subtle yet striking details, our gear allows you to express your personal style while representing the spirit of this ancient art. Stand out in the ring with Buakaw and make a statement with every move.

Trustworthy and Customer-Focused

When you choose Buakaw Muay Thai equipment from Super Export Shop, you can trust that you're getting authentic gear only. We're an authorized dealer and exclusive distributor, ensuring that every Buakaw product you purchase is genuine and meets our high standards. Our friendly customer service team is always available to assist you, providing a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

Explore our Buakaw collection today and find the perfect equipment to enhance your performance and take your Muay Thai journey to new heights.

As a premier destination for boxing enthusiasts worldwide, we offer a wide range of authentic Buakaw gear that embodies the spirit and excellence of this ancient martial art. Let's explore the remarkable product collections you'll find on our website:

  1. Buakaw Gloves Collection: Our Buakaw gloves are crafted with precision and designed to optimize your performance in the ring. Made from premium materials, these gloves provide a perfect blend of protection, comfort, and flexibility. Whether you're training or competing, Buakaw gloves offer the support and durability you need to unleash your striking skills.

  2. Buakaw Muay Thai Shorts Collection: Experience the perfect fusion of style and functionality with our Buakaw apparel collection. From sleek training shorts to comfortable t-shirts and hoodies, our apparel is designed to withstand the rigors of intense workouts while reflecting the dynamic energy of Muay Thai. Train in confidence and showcase your passion for the sport with Buakaw attire.

  3. Buakaw Shin Guards Collection: Protect yourself during training and sparring sessions with our Buakaw shin guards. These carefully designed guards offer superior impact absorption and secure coverage for your shins and insteps. 

  4. Buakaw Handwraps Collection: Complete your Muay Thai gear with our range of Buakaw accessories. Discover high-quality hand wraps, all designed to provide the additional support and protection you need during your training sessions or fights.

At Super Export Shop, we understand the importance of authenticity and quality in Muay Thai gear. Our Buakaw collections are carefully selected and sourced to ensure that you receive genuine products that meet the highest standards.

Explore our website and browse through the Buakaw collections today. With Super Export Shop, you can train, compete, and express your passion for Muay Thai with confidence, knowing that you're backed by the best equipment available. Unleash your potential and embrace the true spirit of Buakaw Muay Thai with our exceptional product collections.